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Sonoma Therapy Collective

Gestalt Therapy in Sonoma and Online


About Fiona

I use a nonjudgemental relational approach, creating a warm, therapeutic, safe, and supportive setting.

I draw on aspects of meditation and mindfulness in my work. I am passionate about my own yoga and meditation practice and I believe in the healing power of mindfulness on mental, and physical health, and overall well-being. These practices help me to stay calm, centered, and present.

My education includes an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies), an M.B.A. from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

I was born and raised on a farm in South East Ireland and I come to counseling after almost twenty years in software and technology consulting.  

Fiona Walsh Dinan MFT Therapist standing with a grey palm tree

About Melissa

My approach to therapy is open and curious, making space for others to explore all parts of themselves with the support of a compassionate witness. As a relational therapist, I believe that identity, positionality, and lived experience impact our relationships, and I welcome exploration of how resonance and difference show up the therapeutic relationship.


My education includes an M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a B.F.A. from the Academy of Art University. I also have a background in gender studies and sexual health education, and have worked as a primary prevention educator in San Francisco high schools and colleges.


In therapy, I draw upon principles of Gestalt, Attachment, Liberation Psychology, and Ecotherapy. My own practices of permaculture gardening and living in touch with the cycle of the seasons impact my work as a therapist. I also offer outdoor sessions in the Windsor area for those who find support in nature and don’t mind working with the weather.

melissa tan therapist nature in the background

Specializing in Individual and Couples Therapy


In therapy for anxiety with a gestalt therapist, you will explore your anxiety in various ways to increase your awareness of how it affects you.

One of the ways is to focus on body awareness and pay attention to the physical sensations of anxiety in your body, such as tension or restlessness.

You will also examine how anxiety appears in different contexts, such as discussing a topic or wondering about the therapist's thoughts.


Gestalt therapy provides a supportive and safe therapeutic relationship that allows individuals to work through difficulties and gain a better understanding of their experience with depression.

In Gestalt therapy, each client is viewed as a unique individual, and no two people experience depression in the same way or for the same reasons. 


The foundations of Gestalt therapy are based on awareness. Gestalt therapy can support you in raising your awareness about how you are living your life, who you are in relationship with others, and what choices you are making.

In being more aware, Gestalt therapy can then help you make more positive choices that will have meaning, are creative, and will aid you in creating a life with relationships that are fulfilling.

Couples Therapy

When a couple enters therapy, the presence of a third party, the therapist, changes the relationship dynamic.

The couple often comes to therapy with a desire to change things and try something different.

This shift in dynamic enables the therapist to bring to light aspects of the relationship that the couple may not be able to explore together.


Over time, emotions and unresolved traumatic experiences can have significant physical effects on the body.

Gestalt therapy can help us work through physical and emotional blocks, resolve past issues and increase awareness of the present. It often feels insightful and empowering. It can significantly increase self-confidence, awareness and emotional resilience.

Fertility Pregnancy & Post-Partum

Whatever stage of the journey you are on… whether you are trying to have a child, are dealing with a newborn, are juggling a toddler, trying to tackle the teen years, or are suddenly faced with an empty nest…. know that you’re not alone and therapy can be a support to you.

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